About Us

Who We Are

Wish for it and we would turn it into REALITY.

Gone are the days when event management was all about understanding client requirement and assembling them under one roof. These days, events are about celebrating moments to make memories.

Be it a big fat wedding or cozy private family party, people look out for class, innovation and most importantly creativity. Creativity is the crux in event designing.

Having said that, event designing is very relative and something that cannot be explained in words. No event designer has ever managed to say how event designing is done.

For us, Event designing is
Client Expectation + Our Expertise – Stress = MEMORABLE EVENT
From conceptualizing, planning and Implementing we do it all.

What We Do


“A wedding is an event. Marriage is a lifetime. Invest more in your marriage and leave your wedding planning to us.”


“No occasion is small or big, all you need is just a reason TO PARTY and we would take care of making it ENJOYABLE.”


“Why shop at an exclusive store when all your favorite stores are available under one roof giving a wide shopping experience?”

Corporate Events

“All work no play, makes jack a dull boy.” That’s the reason why all business houses these days blend work and…

Music & Art

“The one aspect that binds all is music and art. We act as catalyst to bring the best music and art close to people. “


“We believe Creativity is Contagious. We are always open to pass it to our clients for implementation.”